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Rejuvenation by fractional CO2 laser

(laser resurfacing)

RadicalMUDr. Mojmír Müller - Rejuvenation by fractional CO2 laser laser rejuvenation of skin by ablative CO2 (carbon dioxide) LASER Slim E30 with patented fractionalisation MiXto by company Lasering. By individual fractional resurfacing the old skin is removed, the complexion is stretched, scars of different origin are smoothed away, pigmentations and large pores vanish. Only in case of complicated skin changes it is necessary to repeat the treatment once or twice in interval of minimally four or eight weeks.

In comparison with classical laser resurfacing is not necessary either general anesthesia or hospitalisation. After seven to ten days after laser rejuvenation it is possible to start using make-up and join a normal social life. From the date of treatment the treated area must not be exposed to the influence of UV light (intensive sun or solarium) for a period of three months.

MUDr. Mojmír Müller - Rejuvenation by fractional CO2 laser

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Ceny jsou uvedeny vč. DPH a jsou platné od 1. 2. 2024. Na případné slevy nevzniká právní nárok a jednotlivé slevy nelze sčítat.

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