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Acne, scars and pigmentation

treatment by medical exfoliating peeling

Superficial and medium-deep MEDICAL EXFOLIATING PEELING of fading complexion, fine lines, pigmentation, liver spots, scars, stretch marks and severe acne by 20% TCA (has more pronounced effect then usually used acidum glycolicum).

MUDr. Mojmír Müller - FotogaleriePrice for one treatment (necessary to repeat two to four times per season):

MUDr. Mojmír Müller - FotogaleriePlease note: After treatment the skin is more sensitive towards UV light, for that reason after peeling suntanning is not allowed. For intensive exposure to the sun is necessary to use protective creams with UV filtres (sunblocks).

N.B.: Patients suffering from lip cold sores must use as a prevention Zovirax tbl. according to attending doctor´s instructions.

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