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Noninvasive ultrasound liposuction

NoninvasiveMUDr. Mojmír Müller - Noninvasive ultrasound liposuction and painless removal of excess fatty tissue of subcutis with help of ULTRASOUND "LIPOSUCTION" (rather BODY CONTOURING) by ultrasound technology Ultrashape Body Contour Treatment.

At the moment it is the only equipment with scientifically proven effect in dispersing (so called emulsification) of membranes of the fat cells by ultrasound, including the appropriate certification (please notice: not to be confused with low potent ultrasounds). This treatment is not a simple elimination of water from subcutis, fat cells in treated area are removed and the fat is transported via vascular and lymphatic system to the liver. This fat is used by body as a natural source of energy for metabolism.

Ultrasound waves eliminate the fat tissue approximately in depth of 10-20mm. In case of thicker subcutis fatty layer it is possible to realise further treatment in a month time.

MUDr. Mojmír Müller - Noninvasive ultrasound liposuctionAfter the treatment it is recommended to limit meals high in calories only during one month and possibly include regular light body aerobics.


  1. Time non-consuming treatment, not required stay in the hospital.
  2. Nonsurgical treatment, no use of scalpels, cannulas etc.
  3. No bleeding, no hematomas (bluemarks), no unevenness or scars.
  4. Treatment is completely painless.
  5. No need to wear special elastic underwear.
  6. Loss of fat cells is permanent.

Price for one treatment of one area in diameter of 250 - 300 mm or two matching areas up to 150 - 200 mm in diameter (maximum 600 impulses): 640 €.

MUDr. Mojmír Müller - Fotogalerie MUDr. Mojmír Müller - Fotogalerie MUDr. Mojmír Müller - Fotogalerie MUDr. Mojmír Müller - Fotogalerie

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