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Cellulitis and loose skin

treatment by carboxytherapy and lymphodrainage


Elimination of imperfections and flabbines of bigger skin surfaces (for example loose stomach skin following pregnancy, quick weight loss or after unsuccessful liposuction) and treatment of cellulitis (orange peel skin) of thighs and hips etc. by CARBOXYTHERAPY.

Base of this treatment is application of medicinal gas CO2 directly into problematic regions. To achieve the best results it is necessary to perform this treatment during one month more or less two to three times per week. Further treatment is possible to repeat after six months, eventually it is possible to choose maintenance treatment once or twice per month.

Price for stomach region:
1. a single treatment - 30 €;
2. the whole treatment (eight times) - 200 €.
Price for hips:
1. a single treatment - 35 €;
2. the whole treatment (eight times) - 240 €.
Price for thighs:
1. a single treatment - 40 €;
2. the whole treatment (eight times) - 280 €.
Price for the region under chin (double chin):
1. a single treatment - 20 €;
2. the whole treatment (eight times) - 120 €.


Treatment of cellulitis (so called "orange peel skin") for thighs, hips and underbelly is possible to supplement by verified and longlasting effective method combining manual and mechanical LYMPHODRAINAGE ("lymphatic massage").

Under the supervision of doctor - lymphologist the superflues tissue fluid and toxic matters are flooded out from treated areas and then all is eliminated by kidneys.

Treatment is also possible to be enriched by well-tolerated fatfree line Elancyl by Laboratories Galénic. These are not cinnamon wraps which have potentionally allergic effect.

One basic treatment at 20 €.
The whole treatment (eight appointments) at 120 €.

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