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Rejuvenation by laser and intensive light


A. KTP laser 532 nm

ColourMUDr. Mojmír Müller - Rejuvenation by lasers and intensive light unification of complexion affected by irregular pigmentation and enlarged blood vessels by diode LASER Velure S5 (with fractional technology MiXto) by company Lasering. Laser beam of wavelength of 532 nm preferentially destroys brown pigmentation and seals red blood vessels in upper layers of complexion.

Redness after single laser treatment passes in most cases by the second day, scabs form rarely. In more difficult cases it is necessary to repeat procedure once or twice in four to eight weeks. FromMUDr. Mojmír Müller - Rejuvenation by lasers and intensive light the date of treatment the treated area must not be exposed to the influence of UV light (intensive sun or solarium) for a period of one month.

Price for one treatment:

B. Red LED light 630 nm

New alternative of affordable medical rejuvenation of complexion and light lifting by intensive continuous red LED light 630nm. Scientifically verified regeneration of epidermis and remodeling of collagen reaching the depth of 10 mm of skin surface. Complexion is smoothed and stretched already after a couple of treatments. Considering acne there is an extra antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

MUDr. Mojmír Müller - FotogalerieFurther advantages:

  1. completely painless without risking burning of skin (as differs from IPL);
  2. no need of injections (as in contrast to mesotherapy);
  3. suntanning is not prohibited (in comparison with laser therapy);
  4. possible combination with medical peeling, botulotoxin type A and further proven procedures for skin rejuvenation;
  5. longlasting effect (in comparison with other used "miraculous" medical and cosmetic methods).

MUDr. Mojmír Müller - FotogalerieOne treatment:

1. face or décolletté for 25 €

2. face and décoletté for 40 €

Complete treatment (eight appointments):

1. face or décolletté for 160 €

2. face and décolletté for 280 €

Note: Laser treatment of swelling around eyes and saturation of face is possible to enrich by an effective and gentle manual LYMPHODRAINAGE. This combined procedure often completely replaces more demanding surgical solution (blepharoplastic).

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